Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book of Duh: New Field Poll says California Sucks Under Arnold

Like when a scientific study says something we already know such as "Eating a pound of cheese for dinner will render you constipated", a new Field Poll indicates Californians feel they are now in a worse place since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took over in 1984 2003.

The study reveals 64% of the voters surveyed are not happy with the Governator, and nearly 60% of those surveyed feel Arnold will finish his term later this year and leave California in a worse place than when he began. Isn't the job of a governor to help IMPROVE life by fulfilling campaign promises?

Californians have been hearing are warnings of financial ruin recently, or "Fiscal Armageddon", as Arnold would like to jam it down our collective throat.

Controller John Chiang is just one of the many voices who support the notion of California's sinking ship assessment, figuring California will be $197 million in debt come April 1st, which means more IOUs.

1 hundred
97 million


in debt.

I'm going to go with science and conclude that staring into the sun for extended periods of time may cause serious damage to my eye sight.

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