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Based on alot of articles, reports, videos and various quotes I've reviewed about Mary "douchebag" Nichols and the California Air Resources Band of ass sniffing fruitloops, that she heads,

It appears, to me, that though these folk know the issues pertaining to the politics of environmental stuff and government, in general, very well-
they act as unethical, unconcerned tyrants with mobster mentalities who are willing to do anything to get what they want.(with Gov Schnitzel's blessing)...
and what does it seem they want? money. Duh.

Example of things that look fishy to me- some members of this board randomly storm small trucking businesses with guns and badges looking for infractions that they can fine for and if they can't find any big infractions they get pissed then harrass and make up smaller infractions that would enable them to pass out a fine, and
according to Mary Nichols financial statement she owns stock in various oil companies and other companies that are huge producers of "greenhouse gases" that she claims she is protecting all of California's granchildren from.

and there's more examples, but I don't have room.

It also appears to me there is some sort deadline that is causing Mary to ram regulations for AB32 down everyone's throat quickly, so federal funding can be obtained.
This would explain why the last CARB chairman, Dr Robert Sawyer, was fired in 2007-The firing followed Sawyer's vote against a package of three global warming "early action measures" that he regarded as inadequate and would have delayed things.
This also explains why certain CARB members who stated that the regulations should be held, in lieu of the Tran episode, were poo pooed by Nichols,
and why other scientists with reports that shot down any rationale for trucks to be changed, were basically scoffed at and ignored by Nichols and members of CARB.

(Im not a lawyer or a scientist, but it seems to me that if it was known that someone who was supplying data that caused a change in the law was a liar, it would sort of bring that person's judgement into question.)

(Photo of Hein Tran the lying employee who claimed he had a PHD from UC Davis)

CARB is banking on the fact that the subject of greehouse gases and the enviroment in general, is too complicated and boring for the general taxpaying citizen to care about or to pay attention to therefore, leaving the door wide open for them to do what they want without any accountability to anyone.

Im a worker in healthcare and know that the staff intentionally detaches so they don't sympathize (care) all the time-a defense mechanism, otherwise you would stay hurt constantly.

This also occurs to everyone if a situation is not personalized/internalized, Im sure the CARB has worked overtime trying to minimize things, doing things on the sly and thats why it has not gotten the media attention it deserves.

The CARB main mouthpiece, lawyer Mary Nichols, says that owners of cars and trucks are the biggest polluters. No, she and CARB are covering up the biggest polluters in the state and the country. These are the fossil fuel power plants that spew out more than a 100 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. And the amount is growing each year as the state must generate or buy more filthy coal and natural gas power each year to keep up with the growing population. She and the other enviro-frauds with power in the state (the Green Gestapo) do not want to reduce – or even mention -- the power plant pollution. So, they concentrate on punishing the sheep, the ten million working folks who must commute to work and the trucking industry that sustains our economy.

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