Friday, January 8, 2010

What's Gilbert Eating?

Oh yay, that's what I wanted when I got home from work.  After taking off the shoes, making some grub and enjoying a pint of lager, I just love opening to a news story about the ongoing Garrido ordeal.

The new story isn't about mole-faced Phil, thankfully its about his much less harmful sociopath wife, Nancy.

Anyway, it seems her really old, and REALLY fat attorney got drunk and was overheard talking about plans to write a book about the case.


A children's book, you say?

Anyway, he got his fat, smarmy ass kicked off the case for "conflict of interest", against poor Nancy's desire, and wants back on the case.  She really took to that fat bastard, but the judge could care less.  Wow, the state is REALLY stepping up on this case!  Way to make up for lost time, morons.

Today's comment poll:  How many chins does this loser have?  (Gilbert Maines, not innocent ol' Nancy)

The judge's order, which came as a "complete surprise" to Maines, is being contested by the Fatty McFatterson.

Here are some choice comments from articles around the web:
Goodwriter says:  Not worth anybody's pity. Dear potential jurors out there: Don't be swayed by this defendant's self-pity (see smarmy photograph, above). The worst of this world's ogres are the ones who play the self-pity card. In my culture, the second worst crime anybody can commit is the crime of self-pity. What's the worst crime? The crime of cruelty. In my culture, we would know what to do with this perpetrator (Ms. Garrido, above), and we would do it quickly. There it is.

Lost_Integrity says:  Mr. "Low-Life" Maines continues to insist that he is the best competent counsel for poor Mrs. Garrido. This is a woman, who was so battered and intimidated, by her husband, Phillip Garridos, that she allowed 3 other human beings to be kept as virtual animals & prisoners in their backyard for 20 years or so. Mrs. Garrido's judgment of who should represent her should be left to those who actually care about her rights and the mental/emotional state of this woman, above their own self-interest, and not some shyster.

KevinC says: Garrido deserves well qualified counsel. Unless Maines has an excellent reputation in high profile cases, I'm glad he's gone. I don't want Garrido to be convicted only to raise an ineffective assistance of counsel appeal. I wonder how Garrido heard of him? Is she even competent to select counsel?

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Anonymous said...

How many lawyer's chins does it take to defend a Garrido?

(Punchline pending...)