Monday, January 4, 2010

eMeg Whitman has a good website, but Craigslist said "NO"

Duh, she better have the the best website - that's a big part of her life.  eMeg is ramping up for the home stretch of her run to be next Mayor McCheese Governor of California.

She has a growing list of backers, including Mitt Romney (he worked with her for a decade in the private sector).

According to a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, eMeg leads the GOP's governor race by almost a 3 to 1 margin over the next candidate (32% for eMeg, 11% for the closest Republican, Tom Jones Campbell.

She is facing agriculture and water concerns in her hometown of Fresno, she's getting more people interested in watching her speak.

But did you know eMeg and her mega-giant eBay got shut out from buying Craigslist?  The story is kinda funny, and partially explained HERE, but all I can say to that is GOOD.  I absolutely hate it when big corporations buy their smallest, yet most competitive spoilers.  The best example is that site - Jump the Shark.  The site that scared the hell out of television.  That site got eaten up by TV Guide, and it was done quietly.  After all, JTS wasn't really a daily site to attend to anyway, and the whole point of the site is about selling out.  TV Guide bought it and guess what?  I tried to look up at what point did Lost "jump the ship".  That's when I figured out you can no longer look that up because why would TV Guide want you to know when the shows (that pay its advertising) began to suck ass?  There was a lesson to be learned here, and the lesson Craigslist learned was that their service is undeniably awesome and unforgettably FREE.  And it is not losing popularity, and it is a vital site that thrives in many cities throughout the world.  F eMeg.  I'm glad they said NAY.

Kick rocks.

Photo credit:   Jeff Christensen/Associated Press

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