Friday, January 29, 2010

Plant Trees Today, Become CARB Chair Tomorrow

Mary Nichols circa 1960

I watched yesterday's CARB meeting online and suddenly images of Nazi's using kids to fight in the military and to spread their propaganda during the 1930-40's, danced in my head, as they proudly paraded and gave the microphone to two high schoolers who were involved in their school's "Climate Champion" program.

Adopted by California Gov Schnitzel, from The British Council’s International Climate Champions program, which identifies young people around the world who are mockingbirds to loudmouth, zealot teachers, or whoever is involved in yaking about climate change and hugging trees, penalizing those who use the wrong lightbulbs and making sure people only read by flashlight between 6pm and 9pm.

In the US, the program is co-sponsored with the California Air Board (ARB) and selects 10-15 high school students from across the state each year.

Teens are encouraged to communicate to their families and others, to live green and explain to them what they are doing right or wrong.

Throughout history and in many cultures, children have been extensively involved in military campaigns even when such practices were supposedly against cultural morals.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of what the Nazi's in the 40's taught young people about jews and their participation in military:

"In Nazi Germany childern were taught an acultist religion in which the Aryan Germans were placed at the top of society. Also they were taught that the Jewish people were subhuman and that the Aryans had once been a race of gaints that the Jews had contaminated by mingling with the Aryans"

"The military use of young children takes three distinct forms: children can take direct part in hostilities (child soldiers), or they can be used in support roles such as porters, spies, messengers, look outs, and sexual slaves; or they can be used for political advantage either as human shields or in propaganda."

Don't misunderstand my point, I'm not some nut who is suggesting that children are being taught to hate jewish people (substitute the word jew for the words- unbelievers of global warming, substitute Aryan for Enviromentalists),
Im not saying that children shouldn't be taught to conserve or that planting a garden is not a wonderful thing, or not to become vegetarians if thats what they want,
but I am making a vague comparison and I am saying I dont think its good for young children to become fanatical extremist shields for the state, and bring that "nut-atud" home to family and friends who are encouraged to do so by teachers or others.

I certainly dont want some third party (ie. teachers) influencing children to their particular way of thinking.
For some reason that really offends me-I guess its because kids' heads are so easy to get into and control, it almost seems abusive to do that, thats my opinion.

Isn't that the way Hitler or Tom Cruise started? Who would know that better than Gov. Shvine-huunt on both accounts?
or maybe I can discuss how their fanatism started, with the next Jehova Witness that knocks on my door.

And, FYI, while I'm on the subject of CARB:

Oakland Mayor, Ronald V. Dellums wrote a great letter to CARB chair Mary Nichols.  Click HERE to read.

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