Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid Law Enforcement Allows 18 Years of Misery

Musings on the Jaycee "Dugard" case, and how overpaid moron law enforcement agencies failed!

"The deputy that didn't find Jaycee after the neighbor's report should be fired. If the neighbor had reported a marijuana grow in that back yard, the cops would have shown up in droves and torn the place apart. Missing children aren't as important as a cannabis plant to LEOs."

-- StonyStoner (quoted on a SacBee story)

There you have it - those morons who were so chipper at the press conference last week for the poor girl found after an 18 year abduction should have been sent home early. Shows over.

They failed.

Phillip Garrido, see, is sitting on one side of a fence. On the opposite side is humanity, civilization and the tenets of reasonable sensibility. His side is a struggle to make sense of desire, a makeshift city of tents, mental dysfunction and world that crashed landed. But he wanted to let the world know about his side, as his manifesto stated -

"This information is designed to send a message to all branches of law enforcement, educators, and therapists worldwide to know there is a powerful reason people are unable to control the impulses that drive humans to commit such dysfunctional acts," he wrote.

"Out of control behavior is everywhere, in every walk of life undermining the lives of its many victims," he continues. "The degree to which we vividly imagine an experience determines how it is stored in our subconscious as reality. Here is where a sexual predator (or any poor behavior) reinforces its (sic) self as the negative self-image is moving itself towards the problem."

He passed the manifesto out to the people you are hearing on radio talking about how nutty this man has proven himself to be in his professional rendering of services. Imagine how he was at the dinner table.

In June 8, 1999 parole from his prior conviction as a violent sexual deviant got transferred from federal parole to California parole.

This is where the law failed. Not that federal parole officers did any better - but on at least one occasion, police were contacted of possible mayhem happening at the "compound", but when police arrived at the address, they didn't go in the back yard to check. WTF, like the leadoff comment stated, had someone reported that someone may have been growing weed in the backyard rather than there possibly being children running around in tents some serious investigation may have taken place.

"I just remember my parents asking me if I knew her, and I remember them insisting on walking me to the school bus every day after that," said Jessica Brambila, 26, who went to the same school Jaycee attended at the time of her abductions 18 years ago. "I didn't really know what was going on."

Well, Jessica, neither did California law enforcement. When I think of the reasons I lost a few jobs along my professional path, it just makes the anger grow that this man - of serious record - was able to go on so long with this fantasy fulfilled.


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