Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here yee, Here yee, All You Douchebag Politicans, Recalls A'comin

The July 24 vote on AB23 (28 yes, 43 no, 8 not voting) has been officially expunged -erased as if it never happened.

This is done only so there is no public record of who voted for what, so as to save political asses, but, I have posted what I found (see above), the official roll call, that they didn't want you to see:
The July 24 Assembly vote on opening new oil drilling with everyone's names and how they voted.

I take offense at the decision to erase or "expunge" a public bill, as a taxpayer, I have a RIGHT to know what was voted on and which law maker that represents ME in government, voted for it or not.

Not a single one of the 80 Assembly members rose to object when the motion to expunge was made by Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, D-bag Fremont.

Are you surprised at this:
Karen Bass, D-bag Baldwin Vista, did not want a roll call when the defeat of the measure became apparent. Democrats insist the purge was for the benefit of Republican leader Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo, whose vote for the oil-drilling plan as part of the budget deal was not likely to play well in his coastal district, or this:

"The erasure of recorded votes is not unheard of in the Assembly, but it's most common during late-night sessions, when fewer journalists and activists are paying attention."

Other games the cowards like to play:

-- They take walks: Over the years, The Chronicle editorial page has documented many cases in which consumer and environmental bills have died when a potentially decisive number of members fail to vote - knowing that "taking a walk" has the same effect as a "no" vote.

-- They "add on" votes: Yes, a legislator who failed to vote while the issue is in doubt can "add on" a yes or no vote after a bill is passed or defeated - as long as it does not change the outcome. The legislative record available to the public ( does not reveal which votes are add-ons.

-- They change their votes: Believe it or not, legislators are allowed to change their votes from yes to no - and vice versa - for several hours after a bill is passed or defeated. And they do, without leaving footprints on the record available to the public.

This is the last straw, Im personally going to see about how to go about recalling Karen Bigmouth Bass and her posse.
Im not a Democrat but, I am a Californian who see's it's quite apparent that she and other D-bags "political chess" moves are deceitful, incoherent and are something out of Nazi Germany-1941.

I am willing to change my party affliation and protest in the streets to campaign for the recall votes nessasary to get her and the multitude of the spending whore douches, out of office- most of who are, (but not all), Prius driving liberal imbecels.

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