Sunday, August 9, 2009

Liars Can: Protesting President "Planned" Says Boxer

OK, so here's a couple videos. In one, Representative Steny Hoyer (Dem.) gets barked at in Utica, NY by fellow democrats who don't want to be rushed into any sort of half-assed socialized (or whatever they are calling it by the time you read this) bullshit medical program.

Roll the tapes:

Ahh, those were some nice bitch-slaps, Hoyer.

But then you have that mouth in Sacramento, Barbara Boxer - looking and twalking as much a yenta as ever - saying how protesters speaking out against Obama's "healthcare reform", or whatever it is now being called since the last paragraph you read, are planned efforts to break him. Of course the only problem in this dimwit's howls is she refuses to stop polarizing (or believing another democrap would be part of such behavior like doubting a massive plan getting shoved down his or her throat) which is contrary to everything that passes her lips in this drivel.

Roll em'!

Is there no end this nut's wackiness? Wake up you half-baked yenta, the left ain't great place to be hanging out either. If you don't know it, it's because of all that nasty makeup pancaked on your shattering face.

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