Thursday, July 1, 2010

LA Weekly Covers Villaraigosa's Ticket Spree

When the news about Tony Villar's inappropriate, and ethically challenged Laker's ticket scandal broke, it didn't seem like it was going to turn out as bad as it has for the mayor.  Tony already had a sad personal scandal in 2005 when he was nailed for nailing a TV anchor which broke his marriage in half.  The wolves at the LA Weekly (in this case, Tibby Rothman and Jill Stewart) decided to go with a Villar cover, titled Villaraigosa's Vanishing Veracity.  It's not one of those typically long center-pieces the Weekly does so well, but a rather concise and eager thrashing of the mayor's outing that was broke by Fox 11 news.  It's a beautiful piece.  One that the mayor can't run away from and one that not only continues the outing of his negligent actions, but also reveals his immature, pathetic side that includes such gems including a quote from a former top aid of former mayor Kenneth Hahn who says,

"It's just well known that every time he wants to go to a game, just bring a certificate. The joke is that Tommy Lasorda has a stack of mayoral certificates in his office from Antonio: 'Happy Month of March!' "

Fantastic.  The article concludes with the finest bash of all from none other than LA's last great mayor, Richard Riordan, who stated:

"C'mon, Antonio, we are not that naive. Official business? So, my feeling is, this guy has suffered enough. But quit making these statements that this was about business. And please, please get on with fixing the city."

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