Monday, August 16, 2010

Due Thursday: LAUSD Teacher's Comments for Database results

More union thuggery has surfaced as the LA Times has continued to weather threats from the teacher's union for LAUSD over concerns about the release of a database that shows the sad and pathetic results from 6,000 elementary school teacher's performances as teachers.  A.J. Duffy has ordered a boycott of the Times because he feels this is an intrusion of some kind.  He is the leader of the 40,000 teachers strong union, your typical babbledork full of sausage.  He doesn't want the results from the teachers taxpayers pay for to be revealed.  Too bad the outraged parents are sick of this dickhead and the shitty performance of the LAUSD.

The teachers have until Thursday, noon, to look at their individual results and leave comments if they desire.  Note to teachers - if you don't like it, too fucking bad.

Duffy claims this is not justice.  Neither is a failed school district that can show decent scores in one room, and flipped numbers from the meatloaf lady's class right down the hall.  As a former teacher, be certain there is no community between teachers (or very limited and just as clique'd as they were in your days in school...), and LAUSD doesn't have a bad reputation without reason.  Parents, former students and teachers all say the same thing, and it rarely has positive points. 

The data can't be ignored any longer.

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