Monday, August 9, 2010

Whitman and Her Inner Circle People

This harpy needs a ton of handlers, yes handlers, like shes a fucking circus bear.
well, she sort of is.

This morning on the Bill Handel Show/KFI am radio,Communications Director/ Campaign Strategist, Tucker Bounds from Camp Bipolar (Meg), was a guest on his show, and he actually told Handel that there's "no perception" that Meg is being two-faced. WTF?

Bill asked him, TWICE, my favorite question that I've been trying to get an answer to from SOMEBODY since she said it a couple weeks ago...

"Meg went on late night TV and said that the bill SB1070 was ok for Arizona, but it wouldn't work for California, cause California is too big, what did she mean by that?"

Well, Fucker, I mean Tucker, dodged that question, once again it wasn't answered, instead he incited some spun spiel that didn't make sense and changed the subject.
Way to avoid the question.

Anyway, this loser-or rather, paid worker for Meg, kept trying to slam Jerry Brown (not a fan of him, but really, Meg, that's just sad for you) and spew out more campaign rah rah for idiot Meg-st er, all the time insisting that the show she did with John and Ken, the other day, was so wonderful and nobody he talked to was even the least bit worried about anything she said on the show that she evidently went on in order to set the "record" straight.

Which she didn't do... as far as I'm concern, and, BTW, Tucker, and all you other handlers.... Meg did indeed come across as a two faced, lying, know nothing, who was one of those bosses who likely tortured the people that worked under her at EBAY and didn't know anybody's name.

I was yelling at the radio, this morning. I almost flung my shoe at it.

You can find the interview on KFI/Bill Handel this morning on the 7:30am segment, in case you want to hear for yourself.

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