Friday, May 14, 2010

As Promised - May Heats Up Battle Between Whitman/Poizner

It was a matter of time before the battle of Nevermore turned ugly.  Now republican gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have officially put on the gloves.  Meg's of course in the green corner (symbolism represents $$, not policy) and Poizner, apparently, is in the far left corner.
In a counter-attack, Whitman is attempting a power-move to stave off Poizner's recent resurgence in the polls.  Poizner, the California Insurance Commissioner, in a video by Team Meg got stamped LIBBY for his 100% Planned Parenthood rating, his hatred of Bushian policy, and other general liberal tendencies (pro-tax, pro-union and donated to Democrats).

Wow, going from a 50 point lead to a 10 point lead can sure bring out the exaggerations!

Poizner countered with proper reasoning, and by addressing all the claims with legitimate disputes showed mettle.   None of the claims seemed to actually have much validation behind them, but with her unlimited funds, this will be just the beginning of the barrage.  Sounds kinda sick, but enough of these types of zingers,and she'll earn a whole lotta believers.  On the other hand, Poizner could also earn respect with his "dark-horse" running (everyone loves a great come-from-behind story) though the landscape of political analysis has changed to more methodological, systematic, point on system which ultimately can do both in if they get caught up in slinging too much shit at one another.  With only himself to run against on the other side of the ticket, Jerry Brown won't be facing public scrutiny for months while these two are getting their clothes all muddy.

In another swift move by Emeg, her campaign chairman, former governor Pete Wilson, came out swinging against illegal immigration to counter Poizner's claims that Meg disapproved of Arizona's recent immigration law.

It's time people - time to get out the bullshit detectors because it's coming strong this season.

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