Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Greedy, Stupid, Thieving Business Owners (that also happen to run a pot dispensary)

Steven Kall, 55, and Anne Adams, 47 are two greedy thieves paying for their blatant disregard for the law and for ripping off people on so many levels it's ridiculous.  Kall and Adams are co-owners of the Golden State Collective in Granada Hills, which deals in the selling of medical marijuana.

Apparently, they were under the assumption they could run a little shop in the North Valley, make 10 grand a month - and not raise any suspicions.  To support the trigger in demand, they siphoned off electricity via an illegal electrical by-pass they installed at a grow house they rented in Granada Hills. 

Unfortunately the headlines will all read headlines that read "Marijuana Dispensary ... (fill in the blank)" which does the industry a dis-service, generally speaking.  Pot shops are called dispensaries for a reason. They serve a purpose to fulfill a local need, though they should have set limits on their earnings regardless of the demand if they had a need to steal electricity and grow approx. 1,100+ plants.  A reasonable business plan would be to open two dispensaries and divide earnings among them, or simply sell what they could afford to produce.  Balance the sheets, analyze, be smart - or else you too will end up like these two morons - caught stealing in the name of greed.  Stealing from the DWP is plain stupid, but when you consider all the pressure they are under in these rough economic times, it's clear Kall and Adams simply did not do their homework.  Most likely, they are still living in the 80s. 

After harvesting these plants in an illegal pot-house, and after stealing all the power it takes to grow the plants, they then sell to their customers at an astronomical profit.  Would it really be that much of a profit killer to pay your fucking utility bill?  I'm sure they were justifying another way, such as selling REALLY fat 1/8ths, not. 

On one hand you almost want to respect their desire to maximize their profits - as you would do the same as any other widget dealer on earth - but this is just a case of dumb business pioneers misrepresented/sold as "those evil potheads" in the media.  Great job, you two bumbling idiots.

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