Monday, May 3, 2010

Costa Mesa and Lake Forest Hate Pot

Today a federal judge allowed Costa Mesa and Lake Forest (a city which boasts no forest and no real lake) to continue to ban marijuana.

Four defendants filed a lawsuit claiming the ban restricts their rights to public services, but for some unknown reason (oh, yeah - OC is supposed to be conservative!!!) the federal judge decided it would be in the best interest for pot to remain "mysterious", or "potentially dangerous" or worse yet "ineffective towards alleviating medical problems."

Why would the feds make this type of decision?  Lobbying perhaps?  I guess Lake Forest felt they were rich enough to not end potheads leaving it's city proper to go get a license a few cities over.  Yeah, keep OC righteous for lobbying purposes because come election time - you'll see the highly conservative, boring, annoying evangelical politicians posting up in these cities and throw their arms up in wild celebration of keeping the devil weed as far away as possible!!!  YeAHHHHH!!  Sing along time!!!

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