Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Senate Approves Health Care Plan

Californians, America is bracing itself for major over-hauls to the health care system.

For now, we know from the link in SacBee, that there is a 10-year, $829-billion plan that would,and for the first time, require most Americans to purchase insurance and it also supposed to hold down medical costs over time.

Hey with the tax increases in our state, wondering how this impacts Californians? We will write more about this when more information is received, in the meanwhile, we urge you to figure out what it is you are in support of, evil, ridiculous insurance carriers or expanded government prowess.

Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi warns if government is going to require people to buy an insurance policy, they have to guarantee it is affordable and protect consumers from soaring premiums.
“We are about to force at least 30 million people into an insurance market where the sharks are circling. Without effective protections, they will be eaten alive,” Garamendi said.

The insurance industry represents the free-market. They don't represent a "working model." Nobody can afford insurance. But nobody wants the big foot of government up our ass.

WASHINGTON -- A pivotal Senate committee has approved a sweeping remake of the country's health care system, delivering a long-sought boost to President Barack Obama's goal of expanding coverage. -- SAC BEE

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