Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet The Devores, Etc.

Well, I had the opportunity to go to a free "meet and greet" set up for 70th district assemblyman (south OC) and California senate candidate, 2010, Chuck Devore, and Pat Bates, City Councilwoman for the 5th district (South OC), in the Lake Forest area, the other day.

Chuck, a tall, nothing special looking guy, 40ish, walked in the room on time, with his wife, Diane, a tall, average looking, glasses wearing woman with short cropped, dark brown hair approximately late 30's sporting expensive garments and accessories and an armload of "Chuck Devore for senator" bumper stickers.

Basically, Chuck took this opportunity to campaign for the senator seat as he tries to take it from Barbara Boxer, one of the botoxed zombies on the hill.

He spoke that Boxer, since elected in 1982, has gotten 3 bills passed, oh, that's out of 400, is a proponent of amnesty, is for keeping the water shut down in the Central Valley so that the Delta smelt might live and will not go for a salary decrease for her or her staff.

When he was asked, by me, what the first issue he would work on was, if he was elected, his answer was that he wanted to see the constitution upheld as he didn't feel as though it was. Well, that's just peachy, Devore, but that's not what I asked. Unfortunately, he was on to the next question before I could say that.

It's not really clear, nor was this discussed- what it is Chuck does in his CURRENT position as assemblyman? Seems he just campaigns for senate 24/7.
Makes me feel all warm and safe to know that I may not have any representation in my district.

When asked if he was the man for the job, he just didn't answer that, he rattled off some sort of inchoherent political speak - "the altruism and oligopoly of the 21st century will make me work hard for my constituents" and went on to the next question.

One thing that was clear to me, based on what he said that night, he is afraid to say anything or be seen anyplace that may seem controversial or upset any applecarts so he won't piss anyone off and not get their vote. This may explain why he didn't show to John and Ken's Tax rally in Fullerton back in March. Ahh-chaaa.

And not much to say about Pat Bates, other than when she finally did arrive, 45 minutes late without any type of explanation or remorse, there stood in front of me on the podium, the crypt keeper's mother -approximately 70 years oooold, wrinkled neck, botoxed eyes, and a wig with shoulder length light brown hair-styled like a 35 year old.
When I asked her, nicely, what exactly she did all day, and, as the person in charge looked mortified at the question, her answer to me was, meetings all day.
I almost pulled off my sneaker to throw at her, but realized shoe throwing at a politician has been done before.

All in all, I wasn't that impressed by Devore, I think he's just another wimp, but my bellybutton lint would do a better job than Boxer.

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Barry Goldwater said...

Ew, thanks for reminding me of that nasty lint-ball that practically rolled itself out of my belly button about a week ago. Some of it had to do with a new fuzzy sweatshirt I had purchased at Ross Dress for Less, and half had to do with not bathing for a couple days. The funny thing was I didn't abstain from bathing to protest anything in particular.
On that note, Devore is typical of the kind of worthless humans the senate seat attracts even in a state like California. Shithead douchebags like him should get jobs at a local DMV and call use all that worthless brainpower sorting paperwork.