Sunday, October 25, 2009

Safe House Needed in Norwalk for Councilman's Wife

So this Rick Ramirez-City Councilman in Norwalk, was arrested and thrown in the "hoosgow" on friday night for threatening his wife, Gina, with death threats sent to her in a text message by him.

Ricky was released on $50,000 bail next day.(run, Gina)

Holy shit. Not much was said as to the reason he made those threats, not that it matters what his rationale was but I for one, would like to know what possibily causes a city councilman who brags the following background, and receives a glowing endorsement from Sheriff Lee Baca to serve in public office, to snap.

"Rick Ramirez has been in the law enforcement profession for over 15 years, serving with the City of Norwalk Office of Public Safety and Orange County Marshal's Department," according to the Web site. "He has also served as a supervisor and trainer with the Santa Ana Police Department's Jail Bureau, and is also a peace officer with the City of Long Beach under the Park Ranger Program."


this comment to the story from Nancy in Sun Valley, was particularly interesting:

"This knuckle head called me on an issue at another City. In an effort to get his way, he told me that he was in law enforcement and with connections. While on the phone, I Googled his name and found his bio from Norwalk. When I told him that his law enforcement background as a park ranger did not impress me, he got all hot and nasty. Said he would call my City manager and file a complaint. I asked if wanted to hold while I transferred him to the CM. He hung up and I never heard from him again. Now he is threatening women - a true jack-a**."

as was this one from Mary Jane:

"Ramirez is the same Councilmember whose Planning Commissioner, Marcel Rodarte, was accused of domestic violence last year. They make quite a pair."

and this one from, As The World Turns:

"It is true that this is about Rick Ramirez, but we should not forget that Marcel Rodarte is his commissioner and now that Rick is in trouble Marcel the Hero wants to distance himself. It was Rick how financed a large portion of his campaign and helped Marcel and that other one make this last election one of the worst that Norwalk has seen. I have seen the court paperwork concerning Marcel's two, not one, divorces and in both his ex-wives claimed domestic violence and the sheriff's department was called out. It is public record so the apple does not fall from the tree"

Reality Check, from Whittier writes

"The biggest dick in Norwalk is The City Manager, Ernie V. Garcia. Now thats a dick if you ever worked with him in a lower status. He has no business being in charge of Norwalk. (How do I know) I used to work in the Public Safety Department. I'm glad I left years ago. Ernie shoud be investigated, I'm sure he is stealing money from Norwalk."

I hear ya-not only is Ramirez right smack in the Sacholes radar, so is Marcel Rodarte and Ernie V Garcia. Now I know how the Orkin Man feels.

In the coming days we will crawl around in the basement and under the house, to find the nests of vermin and expose it to the light. That's a promise

Keep the faith.

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