Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ugly Arnie

Stupid square headed, german born zombie, Schwarzenegger, as usual, hasn't followed thru with his promise of giving financial help to Hollywood, so despite pleas to attempt to stop film and television crews from fleeing to other states, this major, California industry, due to the high cost of doing business in California, did just that.

Last year's highly publicized dump-ation of filming the TV show "Ugly Betty" in California and moving filming to New York, supposedly, was the final straw that sent Arnold's little raisins AKA, his balls, over the edge.

The industry had "a lot of hope" that Schwarzenegger would push through a film tax-credit program when he was elected in 2003.Yet despite his own Hollywood past, Schwarzenegger hasnt done diddly squat for the movie industry on tax credits – or other issues –until the big budget meeting last february, when he made a gesture.

The only thing that jackass has pushed forward are his never-ending lies.
Obviously his pathological incapability of accepting responsiblity is still not known by some.

Honestly, he must have had quite a reputation for getting tail down at the Butt Hut Bar and Grill back in the 70's, what with his exceptionally skilled ability of handing out lines.

Anyway, last Februrary, while prick face reduced tax credits and raised taxes for regular working stiffs, like you and me, he gave (in writing)hundreds of millions of dollars to the film and television companies through tax credits
and a change in how corporate taxes are calculated starting in- 2011.

The credits are worth $100 million annually over five years, while the tax policy change will save the film industry $58 million each year by 2015-16, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

Two donors that own major Hollywood studios immediately gave Schwarzenegger-affiliated campaign committees their largest contributions (bribe) since he took office in 2003.

But critics are screaming that the tax benefits occur at the wrong time, as California works to overcome deficits and cuts billions of dollars for social services and education.

"It was a huge gift to the industry," said Lenny Goldberg, executive director of the union-backed California Tax Reform Association.
"Not only do they get tax credits for producing in California, but they get to take a lot of income that used to be attributable to California and not count it anymore."

And FYI,
Schwarzenegger who may have plenty of long standing ties to the film industry was asked in a CNN interview
if he would grant Polanski a pardon if he was ultimately extradited to California,
and the answer was “no,” along with a clear statement that he thought Polanski deserved no special treatment because of his status as a filmmaker.

And you can find the Lochness monster hanging out in my bathtub.


W.C. Varones said...

What's up with the text box about slander? Did those bitches threaten you?

merijoe said...

I see the bastards in the "legal Dept of Sacramento" on my reports, so, just in case they are scanning and fishing or have any funny ideas. I say...Bring it. That would be great publicity. Meg Whitman will be on john and ken tomorrow at 5-cant wait.

jsm said...

fuck them! and yes, I did notice them in the statistics... haha... losers.

lookie here! lookie here!