Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BBP - Big Butthead Politicians and The Douchebag For The Month of September


Arrested today, Rizzo (being called the "Czar" of the Bell City Scandal, who's moobs AKA man boobs, I can't get past) and 7 others-including two former greedy, stinkhole, mob bosses-George Cole and Victor Bello, who left Bell a time ago to rob from Maywood and passed the thief baton to Rizzo.

Other arrestees include:
councilmembers- Spaccia, fat cow, Mayor Hernandez, Teresa Jacobo,
George Mirable and Luis Artiga.

Rizzo is charged with 53 counts of misappropriating funds. Who knows what everyone else has, but they are all charged with felonies of some sort.

Because of these charges, they are on a special California code 1275 which holds any bail until they can prove that the money used for bail isnt coming from the money they stole.

Attorney Steve Cooley made a statement-calling the scandal "Corruption on Steroids" saying that these sleaze buckets used tax dollars as their personal piggy bank which they looted at their will.

Though not illegal to give ridiculously high salaries to council members, what is illegal is keeping everything secret from the public-concealing how tax money is being spent, which of course, they did.

The attorney for no neck, Rizzo, Jim Spertus (and Douchebag of the month) said in a statement-

"In regards to Rizzo's salary, he was approved by the city council-There's nothing wrong there.

Rizzo would have retired before, but the city wanted him to stay on, and he was paid through negotiations similar to those taking place in private companies.

It's a misguided effort to assign blame in the wrong place, Spertus said. Mr. Rizzo is not at fault for the problems of Bell."

This morning when they were arrested, the police said Mayor Hernandez didnt come to his door quick enough, so they used the battering ram on his door.
I hope he had on his panties. He was taken away in handcuffs.

Rizzo was backing out of his driveway when 4 cop cars surrounded his fatass- pulled him out of the car, handcuffed (using a large pair) him and dragged his carcass to the Twin Towers Prison in L.A. (Newest Bubba meat),
which wasn't easy at 5'4" and 285.

click here for the CNN story

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