Thursday, March 31, 2011

Education, Schmeducation, what about us?

I dont have kids-never had any, I'm not planning to go to community college or a university anytime soon-anyway, if I did want to go to school,I would need to do distance learning, because I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB -got to pay those taxes!

Why do I care about class size or various shit they cry/lie about in Sacramento?
I know my hard earned tax money is being spent on teachers who I never have had need for now or have needed past high school in the 70's.

I know the "revenues" they grab from my paycheck are going toward pensions for people that I have never utilized for services -sort of like paying for cable service and you don't own a tv.

Does this not occur to the fossilized governor and his gang of goonies? and for every one of me, there are thousands of others in the same boat...

D-bags like Darrell Stinkbug and the the unions just dont care-as long as they get their agenda.
There is a reason they don't get the crap they ask for-THEY'RE WRONG, THEY'RE FULL OF SHIT and THEY ARE CRIMINALS. You pick.

I'm already paying alot of taxes and Im not kickin about paying taxes-but comeon, the politicians keep asking for more and more from my paycheck, pretty soon I'll be giving the whole damn check to them... and they'll still want more.

The "cuts" they keep bitchin about, arent really cuts-its just that they now have to buy something and actually use it a few times before throwing it out - and they dont want to do that because they are spoiled children.

This article ,which, BTW makes you want stick a pin in your eye, I read, says taxpayers in California are responsible for the needs of themselves and 1 other unknown public worker, nice. Wish I could take this public worker that Im supporting, off as a dependant on my taxes at the end of the year.

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