Friday, July 10, 2009

Pelosi says NO HOT MILK for Michael Jackson

A big "we're so sorry" goes out to Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Seems she wants Resolution 600 passed so Michael Jackson can get some congressional love. MTV reported this to be a "proposal honoring the singer for his humanitarian efforts" during a lengthy, loving speech about the singer.

Mourning fans sharing their love for MJ is one thing. Passing a bill granting him sainthood is insane. He was horribly hooked on drugs they wouldn't give rhino caught in a bear trap, and left a corpse riddled in puncture marks tracked up and down his emaciated, frail, boney ass. Yeah, boney.

As great of an entertainer he was, why not just go make a fucking stamp, make some money for the government, then make his family pay for his 4-million dollar death party in Los Angeles and let his child-loving peter-pan fantasy lay to rest once and for all. His charity spoke for itself, let it go Sheila.

No further "higher" recognition is needed, and speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi was having none of it when she said: "contrary views that are not necessary at this time to be expressed in association with a resolution whose purpose is quite different," clearly referring to the syringe hanging off his arm that had injected his last dose of "Godzilla" anesthetic into his 96 pound frame and rumors that he was gulping down anywhere from 10 to 30 (depending on what reports you follow) per day.

Sheila Jackson Lee (no relation to Bruce Lee) is thus nominated for douche politician of the week.

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merijoe said...

I say.. Make him into a pinata fill him with hot milk, demerol and cookies...then hang it in front of sheila jackson lee's office-charming.