Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Taze Me Bro-I'm Innocent

"Assembly member Jeff Miller (R) from Corona laughed, as his resigned GOP colleague, Michael Duvall flagrantly boasted sexual exploits over an open microphone inside the Committee Room in the California State Capital Assembly. Miller’s office ordered the audio tapes in the hope that they could effect emergency damage control, asserting that Miller had not heard what Duvall was saying, stating that he was distracted and doing something else. However in viewing the tapes and inside source has informed me that Miller’s body language and giggles clearly demonstrate his participation and intrigue in the perversion displayed by Duvall."

Miller’s holier than-thou attitude is very apparent when you hear him talk, he is obviously another hypocrite hiding his filthy vulgarity behind his sanctimonious statements in Sacramento.

Because Miller was kicked off the ethics committee he is spewing bullshit on the news insisting he wasn't paying attention (insinuating he was tuning out) Duvall's (ahem) "conversation" and that Duvall does alot of talking all the time.

Id like to know what else Duvall talks alot about, that Miller has heard and didn't say anything about

YES! It just gets better and better as these bums hypocrisy is uncovered. My bets are they uncover more on this Miller jackass-AKA triple chin, and his own "family values" actions.

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