Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogger Attacked by A Gassy Attorney For Telling The Truth

I wasn't going to say anything about yesterday's story of dirtbag scum, Mike Duvall and another woman of class, siting, I already blogged about him and a dripping female in prior postings,
this happens to be more than a simple posting of Mike "spanky" Duvall and him being an old, disgusting freak and the wholesome, ethical slag's who love him,

this is about a fellow scum buster who was intimidated yesterday by a worm lawyer, into taking down his posting about a TRUE story of Mike Duvall who was spotted in a car getting his freak on with professional (yeah, shes a professional alright) fundraiser, Desiree Mouzoon.

Well, she went whining to some attorney at the Jones Day Company that her reputation is now soiled (oh, call a waam-bulance) because of a story that was reported in a website by CBS2/KCAL9 and re-reported by Orange Juice, about her bumping uglies with Du-ball (yeah, it was the story, it couldn't possibly be because she was caught doing the nasty with a married public figure) and hoped he could help to recover her spotless reputation with her clients (johns).

So the low down bastard, who evidently rules by pushing his weight around (and that's alot of blubber), sent a letter to the Orange Juice bloggers and demanded the story they posted be taken down or he would take legal action.


"Last night we received an e-mailed letter from Jones Day, the same lawyers that miraculously worked on convicted criminal ex-Sheriff Mike Carona’s defense for free.

The letter demands that we remove the post we published about KCAL’s Dave Lopez pursuing a story concerning a former Mike Duvall associate at Linda Ackerman’s October 20th fundraiser at the Summit Inn.

Our post was about an event that occurred within Fullerton, our city. It’s on film. Thousands of people have seen it on television. It indisputably happened. It was of particular interest to us since Mr. Lopez also interviewed us at our protest at the site of the fundraiser; this fact was clearly related in the very first sentence of the post."

The OC Weekly posted a story today:

Click here for this story

"In a letter to Art Pedroza, editor of Orange Juice blog, lawyer Thomas R. Malcolm asserted that the KCBS report is "absolutely false and [has] caused irreparable harm" to Mouzoon. Malcolm, a heavyweight in local political/legal circles, demanded that Pedroza "immediately" remove his blog post from the Internet or he would be "aggressively" attacked in future litigation.

Pedroza--a feisty blogger who attempts to keep officials with both major political parties honest--told me tonight that he removed his original blog entry and then wrote a new posting about Malcolm's threat."

You go, Orange Juice, don't get discouraged and keep printing the truth.

See below for a pic of the fat slob a-turd-ney who thinks he can bully and censor his way into a case win, looks like he's trying hard to get his very first one.

Did I just pass out and wake up in another country or am I still in America? the 1st Amendment still works?

In case Jones Day or Desiree have any ideas for Sacholes, bring it.
Tell me what I can and can't say...please?

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i especially enjoy that little fuzz he has on front of his dome.