Thursday, October 22, 2009

Governor Candidate- Meg "Center Right" Whitman

Center Right, that's how California should be governed, said Meg Whitman, who was interviewed on KFI AM this evening- She vows to cut the spending already (heard it), create jobs (heard it), layoff-not furlough, some 40 thousand state vor-kers to the amount we had 5 years ago (haven't heard that) and, heres an interesting one, put a freeze on Arnold's Global Warming bill.

When asked to name one of the things that was going on in Sacramento that people don't know but if they knew they would want to stick a fork in their eye -her answer was, "the horrific waste and lack of effectiveness of all that tax money"

She feels that governoring California will take her well known "spine of steel", because, as it was brought to her attention in the interview, that everyone, unions, lobbyists, politicians etc, will be barking and spitting pea soup at her-she vows, that a spine of steel is what it's going to take to not knuckle down to these kind of pressures (heard it).

Her ideas about illegal immigration are to get jiggy on people who are employing illegals and that companies should be using a system so they know who is legal and who isn't before hiring them.

Another item on Meg's wishlist is to eliminate sanctuary in certain cities-now they are San Deigo, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

She promises not to raise taxes in fact as you see in the photo below, she is holding up her signed "no new tax, pledge" with her full legal name, Margaret C. Whitman, on it.

Her thoughts of a part time legislative is that its an interesting idea, but stated that perhaps legislative could be fixed in order to keep the full time status.

Look for a debate time in March between her and John Campbell-should be interesting, will have details later.
John and Ken advised her that they would be happy to host a debate between her, Steve Poizner and Jerry Brown, which she politely said "thank you" to, but her answer sounded to me, kind of passive-agressiv-ish.

Meg was asked what she thought was one reason Sacramento was failing miserably-she said "there isnt any leadership"

I thought about this, yeah, when there is no one to answer to, no boundaries, no one to hold you accountable for your actions, no consequences enforced for your screwups and the company motto is "figure it out your own damn self", you are going to have more than chaos-someones going to get hurt.

All in all, I thought the Meg-ster did well, and as the photos on KFI website show, she didn't have any notes in front of her and there was no "handler" or anyone that sat with her to answer questions for her.
I was impressed with the content of her quick answers and the fact that she seemed pretty in touch with regular people, even though she is a multi million-airess. Is she the right person to run California after that idiot Arnold takes his final bow in 2010? I dunno.
I, however, may get a better idea after her debate with John Campbell in March.

At least now, I have a an idea of who the hell she is and what she's about.


jsm said...

Meg sounded readily prepared in the interview.

If she keeps her word, she'd be a solid candidate- but how many times do Californians need to be shot down the rabbithole?

Right now, I'm liking meg

jsm said...

haha, in the second picture you can see J and K have the Angels' game on!