Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sit Naked By The Pool, Collect 82 Grand

Says the L.A. Times --

Officials at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials plan to give a consulting contract to the outgoing general manager of the power agency that would pay him the same salary he was earning as the DWP's top executive.

Just days after he resigned, David Nahai is slated to receive nearly $6,300 per week as a consultant to the utility.The DWP commission, whose five members are appointed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, is scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the plan.

Yeah, you read that right - sixty-tree hunnerd PER WEEK.
Because of his superior,unparalleled knowledge of the way the DMV runs that no one could hope to surpass in the next 90 days, it has been requested that he answer his Iphone once in awhile in case anyone has forgotten where the toner is kept.

And since this is a commission that is assigned by the mayor, they don't really have to make anyone happy, of course they had President Lee "Knickers in a Knot" Kanon Alpert on special public duty today to field response, who promptly flipped everyone off and did a dramatic storm off after snorting that nothing is wrong with this, its normal business practice and in fact, it's in the best interest of the public to do this. (as well as mandatory furlough days and laying off of police/fire)

Pay attention to this particular comment: "David's resigned, and we need his institutional knowledge for the next few months" said Alpert.

How this is going to be monitored shouldn't be easy, perhaps his "institutional knowledge" will be used to advise everyone where the next broken water pipe is located.
but will DWP be paying on this fool for years, or months as suggested? These things have a way of gettin messy.

Not to sound like a paranoid nut who doesn't trust CEO, politician or the Unions, but, a question is rattling around in my brain..wonder, did Nahai actually RESIGN or was it a forced banishment with a side of payola?

I was SO worried that Nahai and his family would be left high and dry afer leaving us with a shitload of broken water pipes all over the city and rationing how much water and what days we can water our lawns and take a shower.

Whew, glad to know all those fee hikes are going to good use.

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