Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here Comes Jerry Brown

Just thought I'd kick it off early - cuz Jerry Brown is about to become California's next governor. Here's some of his quotes. Some say he's a reformed tax hiker, I say anything but the other options, particularly, smarmy Gavin Newsome. Of course NUC ain't in the biz of recruiting folks for office just so others don't get in, so we'll take a closer look in coming months at his REAL deal. For now, you get these gems:

Too often I find that the volume of paper expands to fill the available briefcases

The government is becoming the family of last resort

Farmers markets are green shoots coming out of the gun. They represent hope and they need to be cultivated. But we have a juggernaut coming at us.

Where there is a sufficient social movement of self-reliant communities, there can be political change.
There must be political change.

We have to deal with where we are. We have to create cooperatives, we have to create intentional communities, we have to work for local cooperation where we are.

He opposed the Vietnam War and the death penalty, he rented an apartment in Sacramento rather than live in the governor's mansion, and he insisted he be driven in a compact sedan, and not the limos that carried previous governors.

During Brown's 8 years as governor, he secured federal protection of Northern California's wild and scenic rivers, established the first agricultural labor relations law in the country and appointed the first black, female and Latino judges to the California Supreme Court. He also famously increased funding for the California Arts Commission by 1300%.

Prisons don't rehabilitate, they don't punish, they don't protect, so what the hell do they do?

Brown campaigned for the presidency in 1980 on a promise to "protect the Earth, serve the people, and explore the universe." Specifically, he opposed nuclear power, supported the Balanced Budget Amendment, and wanted to increase funding for the space program.

The reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything.

Brown's campaign fizzled after a poor showing in the important New Hampshire primary. He would run again in 1992, surprising many with victories in several primaries, but ultimately losing the Democratic nomination to Arkansas governor Bill Clinton.

Brown was later elected Mayor of the California city Oakland, and in 2004 was elected Attorney General of the state of California, a position he still holds.

Inaction may be the biggest form of action.

One thing we do know - Brown is against the right to choose. Read the story about Jerry and the woman with the glass eye (for the title if nothing else).

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