Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Unleasing of Susan from Glendale on the Rush Limbaugh Show Today

You go girl!
She speaks for millions of Americans and Californians, and like her, we’re sick of the whores in office.
Wish I had her email

"Susan, if you can call this radio show and in ten minutes -- without one stutter -- lay out the very dire threats that face this country, why in the hell can't professional politicians stand up and say the same thing and take action to stop it?" -Rush Limbaugh


Darnel said...


1st time to this site and it is pretty funny - but seriously, why do you want to give fat Limbaugh any attention?

He isn't from Cali and he's a racist thug ass bitch liar.

Other than that, keep on truckin and I'll be reading from Riverside.


merijoe said...

im not giving rush any time-im not a fan, but his caller from Glendale had some good points and that needed to be posted.