Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Special Olympics in California

It’s official: 52 year old Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, is planning to run for governor of California.

Question #1: "who the hell is she?"
Other than hearing she has a zillion dollars, I dont know of her. I know of Ebay. She has never been in a political office before, just your usual arrogant, out of touch, dick manager that we all are familiar with at our jobs-you know, the one who takes credit for your good work, emails you to tell you only two plants are allowed to sit on your desk and that the phone is for business reasons ONLY, but, even so, she feels we, in California, are ready for a non politician, politician.

She was caught on audio tape recently, dodging and ducking questions, like a "good politican" does...

Apparently her "thing", her "platform" has three main goals–to get government spending under control, improve elementary education, and make the state friendly for small business.

Yeah, Meg-anator, and just how do you plan to do these things? Give a BJ to a union boss? I think we've heard all that before. Looks like the female version of Schwarzenegger has invaded us.

She served as an economic advisor to Mitt Romney and then John McCain. Meanwhile, local Dems arent happy and were protesting ye ole Meg.

Local Democrat activist Mike Hawkins says "he takes issue with Whitman not reportedly voting in 2002, 2004, and 2006."
Meg's reply? (see the video above) well it was not, "I didnt want to, or, I was busy", it was the usual warmed over plate of stinky maggot juice that politicians spew, "I have no excuse"
(thats was not the question, Megen-stein, geeze what do you have to do to get these butt farts to answer a damn question nice and clear without dancing around it, her fast step, coverup, sort of reminds me of my cat covering her turds in the litter box)

Here's a quote from MSN back in 2008 regarding Meg and Ebay

"There's been some talk lately about whether eBay CEO Meg Whitman should resign. EBay would be invigorated if she did. Recently, she's been criticized for signing on as the financial co-chair of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. Whitman met Romney years ago when she consulted for his private equity firm."

After reading some of these comments, you don't want this lady as the next California Governor. Hells no.

Question #2-if Meg actually wins and then punks out on us like "Lurch" AKA Schwarzenegger did, can we sell her on Ebay?

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