Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conclusion to The Steven Chavez Lodge Saga

The hearing was today to determine if Sachole, Steven Lodge could turn into Steven Chavez Lodge on the ballot and if he could use "retired police officer" in his title for a bid for a City Council seat. Well, yes and no, ruled the judge, since judgy suddenly remembered Steve used the Chavez Lodge name in his court once....Steven Albert Chavez Lodge, businessman, goes onto ballot, I thought the damn rule stated by the Registrar of Voters rep, Neal Kelley was "that candidates don't need to use their legal names on the ballot; they must only show that their ballot name is how they are known in the community, even if it is a nickname". Steve Chavez Lodge was used one time in that judge's court and, evidently, that determines the whole community of Anaheim's recognition of him by that name- Hey judge, they all thank ye, want to rub your belly and set fruit by you. Wonder why this judge changed the "retired police officer" status? Could it have anything to do with Steve's past pummeling compulsions? (click on pummeling compulsions for the link) or maybe, just the mere words, "police officer" would cause an outbreak of tourette syndrome from Anaheim citizens. What's up with this absurd judge, BTW? Just sayin. Kudos to my Anaheim friend, Cynthia Ward, for taking on a momumental Sachole by herself and of course, getting Sachole-slime on her. Proud to call you my friend.

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