Saturday, September 8, 2012

Schwarzenegger Off The Hook By Crazy Judge

The ruling regarding the legality of that little goodbye present that Schwarzenegger gave before he left office last year was today, you know the one where he arrogantly gave his middle finger to the parents of 22-year-old college student Luis Santos, killed by his buddy Fabio Nunez's son, Esteban, by reducing his sentence from 16 years down to 7 years. The issue was that Santo's parents were never advised that Schwartzy was going to do this thus violating Marsy's Law, which requires families be notified about cases involving their loved ones. The nut judge, Lloyd Connelly of Sacramento, ruled that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't break any laws when he cut the manslaughter sentence for the son of a political ally just hours before leaving office. This judge is the same one who in 2010, ruled to allow a convicted rapist, Steven Martinez, to be allowed to leave jail on compassionate grounds because he had become a quadriplegic after a jailhouse fight- This ruling was overturned by the Third District Court of Appeal - who most likely thought Lloyd Connelly was a few sandwiches short of a picnic also. Connelly was a democrat politician who sat in California State Assembly from 1982-92 prior to becoming a superior court judge for Sacramento. When he left office, there was a new Sachole in town to take over for him by the name of Vivien Bronshvag, who was know around the political arena as "the duchess" because of her treatment of others as serfs.

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