Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Hendersons of Pasadena

I would like to reprint this story written by Copblock (click on Copblock for the story) a few months ago, of a Pasadena couple who's 6 children, ages baby to 7 or 8 years, were ripped from them by the LA Children and Family services a couple years ago because of one person's phone call and for something they didn't do, (yes it was confirmed by the courts that the charges were bogus), as it's been getting some attention recently by a friend of mine who has a radio ministry and hopefully, hopefully, a good size media organization will pick this up and help. Reminds me of Nazi Germany, but it's right here in the Southland. Oh, by the way, the parents still don't have their children back today and the dad told my radio friend the other day that his kids are being raised by people who don't speak english, "but at least, he said, they are learning spanish" something he and his wife weren't able to do for them.

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